Reasons for Therapy

People come to therapy for many different reasons. A common thread among people’s unique circumstance is the feeling of being "lost" or "stuck". In addition, one may feel quite a bit of pain and emotional discomfort - and it may even be difficult to even identify the source of that discomfort or pain. Extended or frequent periods of feeling distressed or lost may be indicative of an ongoing, underlying problem.

Therapy can help identify and address the obvious and not-so-obvious patterns in life, such as repeatedly engaging in unsatisfying relationships, or having difficulty following through with life or career projects. Despite knowing that certain behaviors aren’t working for them anymore, it may be very difficult for one to change their behavior. Recurrent patterns such as these can generate continual feelings of apathy, and can leave one feeling unsatisfied, or frustrated and hopeless.  

In addition to working to find relief to your emotional discomfort or pain, therapy can provide you with the experiences, tools, and insight to making meaningful changes in your life.


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