In-Between Core Skills

We know that learning EFT is most effective when you can stay connected to the material and the learning community on a regular and ongoing basis.  To that end, we would like to invite you to our “In Between” Core Skills series - it’s an online forum with many dates (over 20) available for Core Skills participants (current and former participants of any of our CS series) to join Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Silvina Irwin to present your work receive supervision and/or observe the presentations and supervision of your peers. 

  • The cost is $315 for 11 sessions (you can choose from a list of 20 dates and we will add more over time).    
  • You may use your 11 sessions at any time they never expire
  • You can also give them away to someone else or "gift them ", you just have to let us know. 
  • You MAY count this as your tape review for Core skills as long as you are attending a core skills facilitated by Silvina or Lisa. 
  • You may count this as one hour of individual supervision if the entire hour was on your case, 
  • You may count it as one hour of group supervision if you do not present. 
I can say without a doubt that Silvina has molded me into a better therapist. I can see how my professional approach and techniques have changed, and how my clients benefit to reach deeper and quicker results from my improved skills.
— Kelly Hendricks, MFT Intern