Dr. Silvina Irwin is certified by ICEFFT as a Trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (EFT), and offers the entire series of trainings required for therapist certification in EFT. Dr. Irwin was trained and mentored by Dr. Sue Johnson, founder and developer of EFT for couples. She offers trainings throughout the year in the LA area, and in other select US and international locations.

Silvina’s endless encouragement and support were vital to me...I am now more able to be accessible, responsive and engaged with my clients, even in the toughest moments of therapy.
— Ren Barnebey, MFT, Core Skills 2016


Upcoming Trainings




The next 4-Day Externship in Pasadena will be in the Spring of 2019


Core skills 2018: Pasadena, Ca

Presented by certified EFT Trainers Dr. Silvina Irwin & Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen

Module 1 March 15th - 16th , 2018

Module 2  May 17th - 18th , 2018

Module 3 June 28th - 29th, 2018

Module 4 August 23rd - 24th , 2018

Module 5 September 14th, 2018

In-Between Core Skills

We know that learning EFT is most effective when you can stay connected to the material and the learning community on a regular and ongoing basis.  To that end, we would like to invite you to our “In Between” Core Skills series - it’s an online forum with many dates (over 20) available for Core Skills participants (current and former participants of any of our CS series) to join Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Silvina Irwin to present your work receive supervision and/or observe the presentations and supervision of your peers. 

  • The cost is $315 for 11 sessions (you can choose from a list of 20 dates and we will add more over time).    
  • You may use your 11 sessions at any time they never expire
  • You can also give them away to someone else or "gift them ", you just have to let us know. 
  • You MAY count this as your tape review for Core skills as long as you are attending a core skills facilitated by Silvina or Lisa. 
  • You may count this as one hour of individual supervision if the entire hour was on your case, 
  • You may count it as one hour of group supervision if you do not present. 

Please copy and paste this URL in your browser for Dates and Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/in-between-core-skills-tickets-43908479444



This 4-day course is a comprehensive introductory course to Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  The course includes observation of live, unscripted therapy sessions with real couples, presentations of attachment theory and clinical techniques, skills training exercises, and discussion of specific cases of clinical material. By attending, participants will:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an “Emotionally Focused” approach to couples therapy.

  • Develop skills in helping partners reprocess the emotional responses that maintain relational distress.

  • Develop skills in helping partners shape new interaction patterns and bonding events.

  • Develop skills to overcome therapeutic impasses with couples.

The externship is recommended for mental health professionals, students and clergy that counsel couples including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and mental health interns.

*This is an ICEEFT-approved prerequisite course for certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Core Skills

Core Skills is a series of five weekends designed to deepen the EFT therapist’s understanding of the model, and to the refine the clinical skills and interventions necessary to work with a couple through the 9 steps of EFT. This is a small group learning experience, and participants will engage with the material through discussion, video review, live demonstration, and experiential group work. Experienced EFT therapists provide hands on guidance and support throughout the series.  

*This is an ICEEFT-approved prerequisite course series for certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Supervision & Consultation

Dr. Silvina Irwin provides individual and group supervision and consultation to therapists locally, nationally and internationally in both English and Spanish. She offers advanced trainings to therapists in special topics such as working with trauma, helping couples heal from affairs, or how to address sexual issues in couples therapy. Supervision includes discussion, video or audio review, live “bug-in-the ear” supervision, or live consultations with couples when feasible. 

*EFT supervision hours with Dr. Irwin count towards ICEEFT certification requirements.

Group Consultation

Small ongoing group consultation (4-6 participants) is offered throughout the year. A commitment of at least 3 months is required to participate in group consultation. Groups meet for 90+ minutes twice a month. Group consultation includes video review, case presentations, role-play, and general practice-related consultation in a safe, confidential environment.

Online consultation groups and individual consultation are offered in both English and Spanish on a HIPAA compliant secure platform.

The caring environment Silvina creates makes it really safe to learn and grow, and her empathic clarity has helped me organize and integrate the model in ways that take my clinical work to a whole new level of depth and healing.
— Joy Malek, LMFT
I can say without a doubt that Silvina has molded me into a better therapist. I can see how my professional approach and techniques have changed, and how my clients benefit to reach deeper and quicker results from my improved skills.
— Kelly Hendricks, MFT Intern
I feel very fortunate to have had Silvina as my trainer...her clear organization and time management kept us on track as she effectively shared with us her obvious skill and knowledge of EFT. And her warmth and humor kept us engaged and created an environment where we felt safe to ask questions, and to take risks in practicing and applying our new learning.
— Betsy Walli, MFT